Organizing Web Design Assets

Organizing web development resources can be tricky. Always trolling around for that perfect photo that you swear you saw or that leather texture you spotted the other day can sure be frustrating unless there is some type of system to keep things orderly. Maybe there is not a single way of organizing these resources, but rather a combination of methods.


Organize Web Design Elements

Although this can be a quick way to bookmark sites that have useful resources, it turns into a pain when you simply cannot remember which site has the resources that you are looking for. Still, it is a start.

Collage Tool (such as Evernote)

Organize Web Design Elements

This is actually a great approach, especially if you are collecting images simply for inspiration. This quick reference avoids the troubles of digging through the pile of bookmarks and provides that quick creative juice that you need. Thumbs up.

Shared Folder

Organize Web Design Elements

This would be my favorite approach. What you do is use a shared folder, such as one created on Dropbox, and you place all of your design assets categorically inside these folders. This way, you never have to go back and find where to download a certain texture or element. Additionally, once you hop on another computer, you can just quickly do a sync or browse to your web folder to get what you need. I use this to sync my home and work computers because sometimes I stumble on great stuff to use at work and don’t want to forget where I found it before I can get the file. Two thumbs up.

Know of any great ways to organize design assets? Share them with us!

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